Sunday, March 18, 2007


One of the things that Kent and I seem to always have a hard time agreeing on is lighting. Not sure why. I think it is more me than him - I have a hard time with lighting and flooring. Anyway, we have managed to snag some pretty cool lights in the house. We have been lucky with some of the fixtures that have been left here - like in the bathroom:

About 8 years ago we picked up these shades at a flea market - we paid $18 for both of them! The bases are cheap-o but they do the job nicely. They are fiber glass shades with little specs in them.

A few years later we found these at an antique mall. $35 for both of them, perfect working condition! They are a little hard to clean, but we love them.

They inspired us to buy this for the dining area. Now it looks like it all goes together. We are planning on taking one of the shades from the flea market and making a ceiling light like the one on the cover of the latest Atomic Ranch.

We also managed to invest in a couple of wall lights from Rejuvination.

Now I'm on the hunt for an awesome pole lamp to go in the family room and reading lamps for our night stands. Any suggestions?


  1. We got an Adesso Dart Tree Lamp from

    It was inexpensive and free shipping too!

    Brian and Vanessa


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