Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Are you mocking me?

I swear that damn rabbit is mocking me. Yesterday it decided to take up residence in my garden! He was in there just munching on my plants and laying around. How can we have 2 acres and be surrounded by 5 miles of nature preserve and not be able shoo one bunny into the woods???

I swear I saw a squirrel yawn today as it lounged in the crook of the tree. He was waiting me out to see if I would just leave the peanuts for him. Guess who won?

And to top it off, we have a duck couple that hangs out every once in a while, feeding on lord knows what is left on the ground. I brought out old bread for them today ( a treat! ) and they huffed off, literally looking mad! Like I was disturbing their feast on picked through bird seed leftovers.

At least my cats like me (mostly at feeding time).

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