Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A better day.

After eating pineapple & a cookie for dinner yesterday in my, o-so-gross hotel room, I woke up, got the heck out of there and headed for Alterra for a yummy breakfast and coffee.

I was TRAUMATIZED from the icky room experience. Let's just say I slept with a t-shirt on my pillow and in my clothes. (shiver) I felt like a bad girlfriend when I checked out because I really didn't want to go into why I was checking out 10 days early! They were really apologetic, but I was just like, "It's not you, it's me...really it wasn't about the stained blankets and dirty toilet." (another shiver)

The sun came out and made everything pretty - a totally different perspective from the weather yesterday. It was actually quite nice out.

I walked around last night looking for some place to grab a bite to eat and decided to Feng Shui my hotel room with a candle (it came with the complimentary plastic plant!). The bed is comfy, the room is nice. Here's to better days. :-)

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