Saturday, March 15, 2008

Are you feeling it? I'm not feeling it.

Easter is next Sunday. Can you believe that? Well if you can, can you believe the CRAP they have at the stores. I was sad after I saw the enormous section of Easter "stuff" at Kmart. "How much of that are they going to actually sell?" I found myself asking myself. Then, when I was in line, explaining to the non-retired older gentleman that yes, I would like to use my own bags - I was amazed. Behind me was a woman with just about all the things that I have pictures of here - complete with the Sponge Bob & Dora the Explorer Easter basket grass.

Seriously...branded, character shredded paper. Now THAT's what Easter is all about y'all.

OH, and let's NOT forget the entire wall of Peep's. I'm sure those will sell once people start panicking. Or when they see that they are 10 for $10. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Easter Bunny would be proud.

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