Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Would this surprise you?

If you came to my house and opened my cupboards, would it surprise you to see that I am semi anal-rententive in some aspects of my life? This is a picture of my spice cabinet. I SWEAR I did not arrange or rearrange anything. I wanted to share this for two reasons...

1) to find the irony in the above - it's organized chaos...there is a little bit of everything in there to cook with: curry, five spice, tandoori, corned beef seasoning, etc... etc... And still, I tend to NOT have something that I need/want when I cook. How does that happen?

2) to introduce my friend Wakako to Penzey's. That store in Milwaukee that closes at 6pm (not even 8pm!). Yeah, they have this stuff there and it's really cool. I told you I was hooked.

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  1. I love this image!!! Your cabinet rocks. We will try to go back to Panzy's when we have cravings for Champs.


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