Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday we lost 2 animals. Well, actually "lost" one - the turtle. The other one - Shamus - went with Kendall to her new address. I did not want either of those animals, and swore that I wouldn't have anything to do with them. But I LOVED that darn cat like crazy... I think the other two cats (well, at least Jane) miss her too. And while I wouldn't pick up or touch the turtle, he was pretty cool. I specifically grew things that he would eat in my garden and got a kick out of feeding him.

The turtle was out back while the kids were over visiting with their dad. Contrary to what people believe, turtles are fast. At least he was. He loved to roam and you had to keep an eye on him. Unfortunately his keeper got sidetracked and he disappeared. An 8 person search party and 1,000,000 mosquito bites later we decided he was gone. Hey, at least he lasted longer than the rabbit.

(BACK TO THE CAT) When Kendall goes to school, Shamus is supposed to come back here. I guess that will be OK until she has to leave again. Honestly, besides myself, I feel sorry for the cat. She loved the other two cats and even Lucy (big black goofy lab). Shamus was a stray and she felt safe here. She got a ton of attention (from me) and was skittish around others. I'm just not sure how she will do in a strange BIG house with two little kids, a dog and another cat that she is not familiar with.

Jane is keeping me company in my studio today. Usually Shamus is. Jane must know.

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