Saturday, August 23, 2008

I Love Lucy

Lucy is 10 years old. She was a "throw-away"... her owners didn't want her after she got hit by a car and had to have a crap-load of metal installed in her back end. She's a pure-bred black Lab. Her owners (the breeders) couldn't be guaranteed perfect puppies so they gave her up.

On Christmas, around 9 years ago, we met Lucy at my SIL's house (who is a vet). Her entire back end shaved, hobbling around on 3 legs while her leg was taped to her body so it could heal. We didn't need a dog - heck I was barely managing to adjust to being newly married and living with 4 kids! But we couldn't resist. In the end it was my decision - and I fell in love with her.

She has been the BEST DOG EVER! Everyone that meets her loves her. She is incredibly loyal, playful and obedient. I think every one of us (me, K, and the kids) could call her our best friend.

Two weeks ago she got sick. She NEVER gets sick. We thought it had something to do with her back end again (could all that hardware really last for 10 years without an issue?). But no... Lucy has a cancerous tumor that is pretty much inoperable. She went from perfectly fine to majorly sick in less than a month.

So we are doing everything we can to keep her happy and comfortable. And she is... she's a trooper. We have to baby her - feed her 4-6 small meals a day and making sure she is "doing her business". It's easy to spoil her, give her snacks and food that she wouldn't normally ever get.

I've renamed her Shadow. She's always near me (well, except now that the boyz are home this weekend, I guess I'm boring compared to them). But during the week, when the house is quiet she follows me every minute.

If you know Lucy, you know that she is always smiling. Always wagging her tail. (Sitting next to me right now she is doing it for no apparent reason). The picture above was taken in my studio, her laying right next to me, smiling and wagging her tail.

I love Lucy.

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