Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I was very excited to start my Photoshop class tonight. I've been wanting to take it for a very very long time. I've had Photoshop envy for years! So I signed up for a comprehensive 12 week Photoshop class. Happy times.

The class was packed - every computer taken. The instructor was a bit odd to start, but of course I looked past that!

It wasn't until an hour and a half had passed and I realized that this was not going well. There was NO rhyme or reason for any of the instruction. Finally at the end of class, when everyone just kind of got up and started to disassemble (the teacher had gotten side-tracked in the back of the room with a student) that I spoke up.

"OK, so I'm not exactly sure how things are going here... are we going to follow the book or ???"
"Yes, yes, we are going to follow the book."
"OK. So did we cover chapter one today? Or are we supposed to do that on our own? Or will we cover that next week?"
"Yes. We did some fundamentals today. It would be good for everyone to do chapter one and practice."
"OK so we're supposed to do chapter one on our own and we'll start (using the book) next week and cover chapter two?"
"No, we'll cover chapter one."
Blank looks around the room.
"But do chapter one, we'll cover that very quickly and do chapter two."
More blank/frustrated stares...
I bet half the class drops.

I don't mind following the book (it's the "classroom in a book" series) and I could do that on my own. Or I don't mind doing that in a classroom, if I felt that I was getting extra value from the teacher and interaction with other students. Not sure if that is going to happen. The instructor is a fill-in that they threw at us at the last hour (I surmise). She's an IT techie at the school.

I'll give it another week and see how it goes. I'm pretty disappointed though! Oh, and a number of my fellow students thanked me for trying to clarify things.


  1. you go girl for challenging the fill-in instructor:) you need to get something back that is worthy of your time.

  2. and... at least you had twitter app.


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