Friday, September 26, 2008

What do I want to be when I grow up? #1

While at Schoolcraft last night for a digital photography class, I thought "I should go back to school". Trouble is - what for?

Business (blech!)
Culinary (wait list at Scraft years long, I hear)

Graphic Design (hmmmm, but I have unlimited access to designers & most thing graphic)
Teaching (the guy teaching the digital photo class doesn't have a degree...)

Having recently been connected to the Canton Public Library on Twitter I'm intrigued with that as a possibility. But to go to school to become a librarian?
(Side note: my 17 year old nephew is going into Library Science next year.)

Maybe there is some sense to it. I mean it's all about resources right? Research? Helping people find things, solve problems? I mean, hey, if Jennifer Garner can become a librarian....

Seriously, I went there to see if they were accepting applications - it's all online, of course. Right now there weren't any jobs that I could apply for or any volunteering opportunities. But I'm going to continue to "check it out" (no pun intended). I'll be doing a little research of my own and continue to post ponderings and findings - along with other possible career choices.

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