Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random Thoughts.

  • First snow of the season. It's been snowing for most of the day. I guess I'm ready. Snowing means fires in the fireplace, lots of home cooked meals, and being thankful that I don't have to drive in rush hour traffic to be at an office. All good things.

  • The birds are excited about the full feeders. Right now I have finches, cardinals, woodpeckers, titmouse, sparrows, and chickadees outside my window. They are enjoying goodness from 4 different feeders. I love my personal nature preserve. I think when the snow flies, the cardinals are my favorite - love the bright red. Plus they come in groups...the other night (around dusk) we had about 10 of them. Seriously cool.

  • Wondering how bad the weather is going to get. K has to go get daughter from Fenton (aka: Up North) tonight. I worry about that drive in the bad weather.

  • K asked for a steak dinner tonight. Good thing it's SNOWING like crazy. But the meal will be NY Strips, twice baked potatoes, broccoli onion deluxe, and mini cheesecakes for dessert. SIDE NOTE: we may have to get a new oven as our $200 oven (ha!) is AGAIN running 50 degrees too hot. Not a good thing for someone who bakes/cooks as much as I do. Stay tuned...


  1. Arg! Just posted a big ol' comment and the tubes ate it.

    Anyway, hooray for cardinals! I think we need some bird feeders - all we have are blue jays (which are okay but not as pretty as cardinals).

    And on the topic of ovens, inconsistency is so frustrating! We actually gave up on our 1968 built-in which sucks complete ass. Despite being named the "Blanket-O-Flame" it does not cook things as you might expect (sometimes undercooks, sometimes truly blankets things with flames). We got a countertop convection oven to tide us over while we save up to redo the whole kitchen.

  2. We are also trying to be conservative until we re-do the entire kitchen. We've already invested in replacing the sucky temperature control in this cheap-ass oven/stove. I'm sorta done with it...we'll get a mid-range one to get us by until we re-do the kitchen (which will be a few years). What brand did you get - and are you happy?

  3. We got a Hamilton Beach (actually it was an anniversary gift from my in-laws). We LOVE it. It does take up some room on the countertop, but since our other oven is built into the wall, we're willing to live with it (we currently use the built-in for cookie sheet storage).


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