Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

It was a pretty laid back day. I got up, finished frosting the Longanbach cookies, woke K up (around NOON!) and we got ready to go to my Brother's for dinner. We picked up my Aunt along the way, as well as Alex and my Mom. We spent the day with my SIL's parents, who were my parents BF's when we were growing up. It was a nice day.

Biggest thing that happened today was that Willow totally shredded the pillow in her cage while we were gone. I called it. Knew it would happen. It looks like she created a flippin' birds nest with filler. Good thing I thought twice about buying her that new bed!


  1. I can't even count the number of beds/pillows/etc that the dogs have destroyed. (Also one couch!) We crate them all the time when we're not at home and we have found that cheapo fleece blankets (or just big expanses of fleece fabric) work really well. They're fairly unkillable and very washable!

  2. I knew it would happen. I'd been pulling the pillow out every time we left her. I just forgot/thought it wouldn't happen. Cheap fabric/towels it is. Bummer for her. Lucy, our old pooch never chewed anything. We're not used to the destroyer.


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