Friday, September 18, 2009

Postmarked: Black Rock City

Last night when I got home from all the drama at the vets (Jane's surgery + Willow's first visit = stress!) I didn't go into the studio and see the mail. So this AM I found this awesome postcard from (the previously mentioned, Ms. Awesomeness) Wakako!

Too cool. I love the burn burn burn on the stamp.

Wakako went to Burning Man this year, and I got a postcard! It's the little things that make me happy, and this was one of them. Check out W's pics of Burning Man - and I'm sure they will be showing up as art at some point in her store: Story Of.

PS: The front of the postcard was just as special. It was this one, available in her store, as well. One of my favorites - how did she know?

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  1. i was wondering if those cards ever made it from Burning Man!!! So glad you like them. AND yes, this one is one of my favorite card too:) In the desert category, I think you are like the chocolate cookie you bake!


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