Friday, April 9, 2010

In a year from now...

I wonder how many of my new adventures will become real. Right now I have a bunch of new ideas in the air and would really like to make each of them come true.

An Etsy store.
An Online business (can't share details yet, but this could be BIG)
Specializing in helping to shape the future of libraries
K2+ research and brainstorming facilitation

Over a year ago I created a post about what I wanted to be/do when I grew up. Remarkably everything in that post came to fruition. I became a teacher at CCS, a design school, nonetheless. I got involved with my public library, met an amazing group of people and continue to look for opportunities to connect and be involved. My consulting company K2+ is doing well. Three straight years of steady work and income. And I've been able to stay true to my vision of Cool Projects, Cool People.

So on to life's next adventures. Tapping into my creative side, with a desire for having a couple different, unique businesses. Working with people I enjoy and who inspire me each and every day. Stretching myself to seek new opportunities that I could never have imagined when I worked in a big organization.

My BFF Wakako sent me this link on Zen Habits and I think it summarizes everything up nicely.

Stay agile and enjoy the benefits of living in a world that’s full of diverse possibilities by remaining curious and open to noticing the changes in the opportunities around you and your emotional responses to them.

I am looking forward to Stumbling Upon Happiness.

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  1. You have such an exciting future waiting for you!!!

    So glad you liked the post. I have a few more to send it towards your way.

    also I am going to do the "one year from today..." on my blog! I think it's an excellent way to capture some of our dreams and turn them into a reality! so much to look forward to:)


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