Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Fall

Spent a quiet weekend at home. After spending 16 days in Cali it was nice to be in my own home, cooking for the family and spending some creative time in my studio.

Cali was excellent! You can see the photos here. So inspiring. So relaxed. So colorful, comfortable and care-free.

I was lucky to have K come and spend a few days with me. We experienced so much - Venice Beach, Santa Monica, the Pub with my cousin, Sunday football in Malibu, and 115 degree weather!

I adored spending so much time with my good friends and was sad to say goodbye to little Roo. Spending almost 3 weeks with her and her mama was incredible. She grew up so much during those few days, I can't wait to see her again (hopefully in a few more weeks?).

I'm glad to be home. I love Fall. Cool weather, fires, baking, comfort food, pumpkins, apples, long walks in the preserve. Life is good.

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