Sunday, December 26, 2010

It was a VERY merry Christmas

We (ok, I) survived! Five cats, two dogs, four kids, me and the hubs. Yes, you read right, 5 cats. KC has two adorable kittens that came for a couple of days and Keenan brought his dog Ranger. There was a ton of commotion and activity, but overall it was a very lovely holiday.

Christmas Eve - around 1am. When all the wrapping was done and the visiting Pablo (aka Hot Mess) finally fell asleep. (The cat's nickname is hot mess, not K's)

They wanted a family photo in their red jammies. This one was my favorite because it captures the father/daughter/daughter/son dynamic so well.

Activity based holidays seem to work well for us. Everyone loved the fondue.

Even Mr. Picky.

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