Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm wondering if anyone else works like this. When I'm working on a "big" project, I like to gather as many things as I can to choose from. This then becomes my palette - colors, textures, metals, ink, etc... Honestly, sometimes I just like looking at it as a little piece of art in itself that resides in my studio while I work. I can't wait to share the final project with you - but it's a xmas gift, so it's going to have to wait.

I had to bring Jane's basket in so she could hang with me while I work. It was this or my having to deal with her bugging me to lay on my lap or arms. So now she's happy and I'm happy and work can continue to get done.

Hope everyone is doing well, and taking time to enjoy the pre-holiday activities. I have to thank my friend Wakako for (re)inspiring me to go with my plan of many homemade presents this year. I look forward to sharing the final gifts with you.


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  1. I agree! Having a palette (great way to describe it!) of materials to choose from really helps to get the creativity flowing. This is one reason that I like to have my ribbons hanging out where I can see them, and my findings in clear drawers so that I can see them even when they're stowed. I also keep my fabrics hanging on racks where I can quickly see all the purples (or whatever) and come up with fun color combinations. It's neat to see that it's not just me who does that.

    Also, I adore those Scrabble letter stickers!


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