Monday, March 28, 2011

Food Adventures

Thai ingredients, red curry paste + fish sauce = YUM!
Friday night we had the most amazing meal!  I love the recipes on  I decided that we are going to try to eat more fish and seafood, and for me to start learning different ways to cook shrimp was the first step.  And OMGoodness these Thai Curry Coconut shrimp are sooooo good.  The flavors meld perfectly, don't change a thing. 

One pan, 2 servings = no left overs!
I made Coconut Lime Rice to put under the shrimp - fabulous match.  A new go-to recipe for us.
We also tried Indian-inspired Okra that I was not really all that thrilled about.  Kinda slimy. 

Will do again, sans the Okra (ehhh.)

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