Sunday, January 15, 2012

Divers #5 and #6

I will be the first to admit that this will all stop being fun if anyone gets hurt.  That's something I do not want to happen or see.  I was nervous yesterday when #5 tried to drive their way out of the ditch.  The girl was standing on the far side of the vehicle as it was precariously tipped and looking like it could roll over at any time.   I wanted to shout out there "be smart!" but didn't. 

Ditch Diver #5

Diver #5 drove their way along the ditch and got out.  The man and woman were fighting about who could/should drive it out, clearly SHE was doing it wrong (eye roll).... I was almost positive that it was going to roll over, but it didn't.  I've seen a van roll over then bounce back straight. Luckily no one was hurt in that dive (last year, I think).

Ditch Diver #6 - time unknown.

High fives and hugs!

2012 STATS
Diver #1 - unknown vehicle, male driver, bald tires
Diver #2 - white pick up truck, male driver, 360 ballet move, 3:40pm 1/13
Diver #3 - Blue pickup truck, male driver in camo, going too fast around corner, 1/13 4:40 pm
Diver #4 - Beige sedan, male driver, barely over the edge, 1/13 5:05 pm
Diver #5 - Silver SUV, female driver, Slid off the side of the road. Argument with a guy passenger about who can drive it back on the road. 1/14 4:05pm
Diver #6 - Black SUV, male driver, cause unknown. 1/14, time unknown. Four men popped it out.

Yesterday I switched lenses on my SLR and now have my handy dandy mega zoom on stand by for more detailed pics. Woot!

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