Thursday, September 6, 2012

Enjoying Mother Nature

It's September, so it seems as though summer is supposed to be over.  Tell that to Mother Nature.  Other than the fact that the leaves are falling, I'm not sure that she is aware of this fact.  It's been hot.  Just ask this guy.  Apparently sprawling on branches helps one cool down.

As for me, I intend on enjoying as much of this weather as I can.  Today I spent time sitting outside for a few to soak up some rays while brainstorming project ideas.  Willow and I took a nice walk in the preserve.  Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to be able to walk out our front door and experience this...

There will be more nesting (cooking, cleaning, etc...) this weekend before another out of town business trip.  I'm thinking more homemade za, frozen yogurt and some grilling.  Stop by.  There is always plenty to share.

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