Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The amazing sandwich

I'm kinda known for my sandwiches.  I'm not exactly sure why.  Some people are sandwich people. I am one of them.  What's not to like about bread and meat and usually cheese?  I can even whip up some pretty decent veggie sandwiches and/or wraps.  There is usually cheese.

I've made this Italian Beef for sandwich recipe before and it's good.  But I think the changes I made just for the heck of it, made it amazing.  And putting the beef between two slices of good bread along with slices of monterrey jack cheese and hot pepper rings?  Even more amazing.

Not the best picture because I wasn't in the mood to wait.

So here are the basic directions for how to make this beauty.  You remember, I don't do recipes, right?

Grilled Cheese and Italian Beef Sandwiches

  • Make Italian Beef in crockpot
    • Brown 5 lbs boneless chuck roast
    • Place in bottom of crockpot
    • Whisk together a packet of italian garlic salad dressing mix, 1 cup water, 1t ground pepper and 2T Penzey's Italian Seasoning (of course!)
    • Pour 3/4 of a bottle beer over beef (seriously this is how I eyeballed this)
    • Pour dressing mixture over top
    • Add 5 (!!!) garlic cloves to pot
    • Cook on low 8 hours or so
    • Before assembling sandwiches slice beef (against grain) thinly
    • You will have lots of beef left over
  • Assemble Sandwiches
    • Thinly sliced country bread
    • Thinly sliced Monterrey jack cheese
    • Sliced beef
    • 3-4 (or more) hot pepper rings
  • Grill or Press
    • For a healthy/no butter version, put sandwiches in George Foreman and grill panini style (which is what I did)
    • Otherwise butter the sandwiches and grill in pan until brown and cheese is melted
  • Enjoy
I served this with that corn/zucchini concoction that I made the other night.  Excellent side dish choice.

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