Thursday, July 31, 2014

Family weekend at the cottage 2014

Each year we all gather at the cottage to spend a weekend together - the six of us + spouses and (some) kids. This year the highlights were: amazing and unexpected sunny weather on Saturday, a boat ride, an extra long classic car cruise, many games of Monopoly Jr, Michigan Rummy, water blasting beach walkers, food, drink, and lots of reading and resting.

I think we all got our love of gardening from Mom and Dad. They would always "putz" in the gardens at the cottage.  This year we planted a few pots of herbs on the front patio and as we've all been up there have been enjoying incorporating them into our cooking. The basil plants are gonzo.

Mom always had a way with hollyhocks. I'm glad to see that these have made it back into the garden and are performing awesomely.

I LOVE this little area by the back door. The crane that Dad carved pokes out of a cluster of ferns, hostas and astilbes.

Arts and crafts at the cottage are the norm too. My sister Ann is taking Zentangle classes and is quite good at it. Can't wait to see where she goes with this new talent.

The AuGres car show is a big event that brings in tons of amazing cars and people to the small town. We gather on Michigan Avenue to watch the parade. It was quite long this year. We got a glimpse of this turquoise beauty prior to the cruise at H&H bakery. Clara got all dolled up and had a bag at the ready to collect candy. Sam totally enjoyed and greeted each and every cruiser.

There was good food (morning, noon and night) prepared and shared by all. The boys took a moment to relax and enjoy the surroundings on the porch. Many long hours were put into hand making the window molding, painting and getting it looking better than it's ever been.

Steve and Clara put out the flag. Another Bachle Cottage tradition.

And the Aunts and Uncles got to share in kid-fun. It was a wonderful weekend all around!

 PS: It wasn't until Uncle Kent came that the kids gathered around a screen.  Just saying.

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