Monday, March 12, 2007

An Excellent Day/Adventure

I know I am a day or two behind (it has been SPRING LIKE here lately)...but I have to post the excellent day Lucy and I had! It was the start of the spring-like weather... just after a big snow. She and I attacked the drive-way, determined to shovel the WHOLE THING to impress Kent. The weather was phenomenal. Reminded me of AWESOME ski-days where the sun was shining, the snow was excellent and the beer - at lunch - tasted better than any other beer you'd ever had.

"We" shoveled... and shoveled. And stopped to relax to have a beer in the adirondak chairs on the porch and enjoy the sun. Lucy came bounding up on the porch - bleeding profusely, much to my surprise. She must have cut herself on a twig or on ice. Luckily the gash was only about an inch deep and I was able to control the bleeding, but we were both traumatized a bit from the experience.

Still - it was an excellent day/adventure.

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