Friday, March 16, 2007

Kitchen - Now

I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures of the kitchen - as it stands right now. Like I said before, Kent talked me into the yellow and green (I totally expected to hate it) but now I can't imagine anything else. We've complimented it with bright red decor - an old fashion phone, containers, canisters from ebay and, of course, a kitchenaid mixer.

Our dilema now is that we can't agree on what to do in the area that the table is in. We love to just sit here and watch the nature in the backyard (birds, squirrels, deer). I want to do a bench seat on one side with pillows and a coffee table, and a small bistro table with 2 chairs on the other. Kent wants to do the retro diner thing. Any thoughts?

We also have to determine what to do on the floor - the linoleum is totally gross! The counter tops are the original boomerang formica, lucky us, but it is pink and beige. I was thinking of replacing it with butcherblock. Any suggestions there??

Lastly, we found the PERFECT fridge in the last issue of Atomic Ranch (page 18). Unfortunately the Muller Moebel goes for around $4,500!!! A little beyond our means at the moment.

Take a look. If you put your mouse over a pic you will get a description of the picture. BTW I love this Slide thing!

I welcome and would really appreciate any comments.


  1. Wish I could remember which blogger at houseblogs has used marmoleum but I can't. Anyway, someone has used it in a neat checkerboard pattern and it looked great.

    Also you can get new boomerang countertops. We saw samples at Home Depot a few weeks ago. In various color combos.

  2. Your house is mid-century awesome! I love all of the detail given to the cupboards the lean out of the windows and the too cool shelving. It's unbelievable that it was left alone and not tore out for a 70's, 80's, 90's or 00's makeover. The green looks great too.

  3. It's not to say there wasn't remnants of the 70's left. The gold foil wallpaper and brown shag rug. Everything pink was removed, all the wallpaper and paint. We do love the detail and are trying to emulate it as much as possible. Thanks for looking.


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