Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Michigan Winters are Beautiful

I know that some people might not appreciate all the snow, but I do. I really do love Winter in Michigan. We saw some incredible sights this weekend on our trip up north. It was just gorgeous with the snow and the trees! We came home to over a foot of snow (we had NONE when we left). It's the real heavy kind, the kind that sucks to shovel - but it is awesome to see it on the trees and plants. I'll be taking a walk in the preserve later today to see and capture more. The pictures just don't do it justice though.

I know that everyone does not share my enthusiasm for the weather. I do love all different types though, even rain. Without it where would our gardens/trees be? I'm lucky that I don't have to drive long distances, or shovel myself out in the morning. I suppose that is a major factor. But I love Michigan. I love each and every season we have. And right now, I'm really loving sitting here, in my studio, looking at the sunny, windy, snowy day outside my window.

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