Friday, February 29, 2008

Crafting Temptations

I found some incredible paper & goodies at the scrapbook store the other day! (Like I needed any more stuf...that just isn't the point!) I went "shopping" in my own studio for things like ribbon, stamps, pens, more paper, etc... and have this stash sitting in front of me. Taunting me. "Use me."

1) I have tons of (paying) work projects I should be doing right now - mostly museum stuff.
2) Laundry is piling up and I'm leaving for Milwaukee again on Monday.
3) I need to work on organizing my paperwork and get things ready for taxes.
4) I'm not exactly sure what I want to make with all this - so even coming up with the spark will take a lot of time.

So I will be "a good girl" and put this aside for now. I AM going to pick it up this weekend and spend time creating something though. Thoughts, ideas, requests?

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