Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fifty Things I Love About The Cottage

When I can't sleep - I like to think about Up North.

Michigan Avenue
Skipping rocks
The back lot
Going to the mailbox
Sitting on the dock
Skipping rocks
Getting a tan
Reading books
Sleeping in late
The sign on the bathroom door
Memories of the corner store
The loft
Hearing the waves at night
Watching the moon
Finding petosky stones
Pizza in Tawas
Dominoes at the kitchen table
The Ben Franklin
Happy hour
Candle parties
Dangling feet in the water
Boat rides
Sitting by the shoreline
Dad's tree
Watering the lawn
The smell
Burning leaves
Cutting the lawn
Feet in the warm sand
The porch
The old coke cooler
The ships wheel chandelier
Really rough (water) days
The french glass doors
The glass door knobs
The rocking chair
Listening to rain on the roof
Playing music when no one is around
The smell of suntan lotion
Lucy in the lake
The flag pole
The light house
Going around the point

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