Monday, March 10, 2008

The Weekend

I got home Friday from Milwaukee, ready to settle back in at home. It is sooooo nice to sleep in your own bed! I just wish there were a service to unpack my junk, do my laundry and put everything away. It's still in the suitcase in the corner of my room.

Saturday I spent the day with my friend Kris, hanging out and causing trouble (NOT). We went to the BurgerSpot for lunch (great local place!) and then into Northville to the Stamp Peddler. I only bought a few things, she was able to walk out without buying ANYTHING!? We went back to her place to hang out and craft. Her craft room is incredible. Her whole house is...I want to live there. :-)

Overall this weekend I made a ton of cards. See my flickr site to check out the latest. I'm ready to give them away to those organized people that actually SEND cards to people. Are you one of them? Let me know, I'll share.


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