Friday, April 11, 2008

Shade Plants

Had lunch with a good friend and we started talking about gardening. I so have the itch. My sister is a good 4-6 weeks ahead of us with nice weather. Yesterday when we chatted she was just getting in from cutting the lawn. I'm still looking at brown. grey, leaf covered, dirt grass. But I can see green on the willows and buds on "Bud". So it must be just around the corner.

Anyhoo. To get to the title of my post. My BFF and I chatted about shade plants, specifically elephant ears - a plant I dearly love! I told her I'd post pics and ever true to my word (ha!) they are here on my flickr site. I believe this is when the pot was just planted, so the elephant ears are still small. They do get HUGE.

Oh, and anyone that wants to split plants again, let me know if you have anything I can plop around here. Shade or sun. Doesn't matter - plenty of room (or we'll make it!)

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