Saturday, April 19, 2008

List...inspired by WISHCAKE

Maybe I should send out more of the cards that I make, instead of giving them away to other people to send out.
I love spending the afternoon in my garden.
People would say that I’m a decent cook, but extremely critical of whatever I make.
I don’t understand why Bella has become such a mean cat!?
When I wake up in the morning I like to convince myself that a hot shower will feel just as good as the comfy bed I am snuggling in!
I lost my dad way too soon. I miss him so much.
Life is full of
groundhog days. Sometimes it seems like we go through the same thing over and over and over.
My past is full of absolutely NO regrets.
I get annoyed when people are rude.
I wish I had more desire to get back into shape and lose weight.
Dogs are fine as long as they aren't small.
Cats are "meow meow's" and my constant companions! (Three are sitting here with me in my studio as I write).
Tomorrow I'm going to see my sister who's in for the weekend...and pack for another week away from home. :-(
I have low tolerance for people who are not honest.
I’m totally terrified of lizards. Duh, everyone knows that!
I wonder why I can't bake as well as I used to - but I can cook better than ever.
Never in my life have I been able to maintain anything near a healthy weight...I'm a yo-yo for sure!
When I’m nervous I forget people's names!
Take my advice: "Everything happens for a reason."
Making my bed only happens every once in a blue moon.
I'm almost always up north at the cottage on my birthday.
I’m addicted to Coke Zero
I want someone to help us landscape our house - especially the trees I bought LAST year and the natural border alongside the road.

What's your list? Share - please!?

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