Friday, July 18, 2008

House Guest

This was our house guest for a few days. We think someone dumped her in the preserve, which is really too bad because she is the most adorable cat! So friendly, loved Lucy, purred like a motorboat, CLEAN! We brought her in because it was clear that she would not have made it outside with the coyotes, fox and lord knows what else. She was a house cat somewhere - when we put the litter box down she immediately knew what to do. I had to take her to the shelter yesterday, we just couldn't keep her. Three cats in this small house is crazy enough. I was fine until the lady in front of me kept talking about how sweet she was and how awful it was that she was going to be locked up. Then the girl at the counter (obviously VERY numb to her job) didn't really give me too much assurance that she'd be treated very well. I'm praying that she will find a home because she really was sweet and would make a wonderful pet. If you know anyone who would take her, let me know! We'll break her out if she hasn't already found a home.

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  1. ow..... she is so cute... I wish I could have a kitty at our home. Only if there were some crazy medicine that takes care of pet allergy...


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