Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Give it up for the Zoo!

Apparently the vote yesterday to help support the Detroit zoo was overwhelmingly YES! That makes me very very very very very happy. This is a pic I took the last time I was there with our (teenage) kids and some younger neighbor kids. Our kids, no matter how old they get, still like to go to the zoo. So do we.

Here's a bit from the FREEP article. I'd like to share it because with all the other CRAP going on in Detroit right now, it's nice to see that people are supportive of regional things that matter. It's good that people will get out and be heard.
"I think all of the animals and all of the staff are smiling," zoo director Ron Kagan said late Tuesday after results showed the measure would win handily. "It's a reflection of a very deep relationship between the zoo and the community it serves."

The approval comes despite tough economic times and it strikes a blow to opponents of regionalism, which some argue has long been lacking in metro Detroit.

I personally asked a number of people to vote, not sure who did or how they voted...but if you did thank you. Here's how it went down. Go Zoo. Now let's take Kwame's name off the damn water tower!!

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