Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hard Times

It's hard to communicate just how much we miss her.
I keep hearing her bark.
Or her collar jingle.
I keep feeling the bed bump as she tries to settle down next to us at night.
I find myself saying "Lu Lu" in my head all the time.
Funny how all of a sudden you miss tripping over her.
And as annoyed as we'd get that she'd run directly at the car as it pulled into the drive, I'd do anything just about now to see that.
I miss how she'd gallop, smiling from the way back of the yard, with an "I just had the most fun! Now what shall we do?" look on her face.
I even miss having to dry her off when she snuck into the creek when she wasn't supposed to.
I've woken up each morning thinking I've got to go let her out, start her day.
It's overcast and misty today - she would have been panicky.
I even miss that.

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