Sunday, August 31, 2008

Creative Block

Have you ever just have a melt-down. Not an emotional melt down exactly, but a melt down to where you cannot do things that are normally SO easy and natural for you?

I had this when my dad passed away, I couldn't cook. Anything. Nothing. Not only could I not cook, I couldn't go to the grocery store !?! One day I did and I had a run in with an old man, bologna and a story about his dog & wife that made me flee the store in tears abandoning my basket full of groceries. (Don't ask.)

I guess it's happened again. I can't "create". Can't/don't want to cook. Can't (but want to) do stamping. I guess it's a creative block, but I can't even fathom following a recipe (for food or a card), much less just whip something together like I usually do. Nothing is turning out. We have eaten out more in the last few weeks than ever - and you know I love to cook. I've sat down in my studio night after night to make cards, and nothing comes out.

So what do you do when you seem stopped in your tracks? What kind of steps do you take to get re-inspired or to find the joy again in the things that once came so natural to enjoy?

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