Monday, August 11, 2008

This is what the Olympics is all about

If you are not watching the Olympics, I suggest you try. We grew up watching the summer Olympics at the cottage. The ONLY time we were allowed to have a TV on or even up there - back then. I am totally addicted. Love love love watching.

Last night we stayed up to watch the men's swimming. OK, like everyone else, I'm interested in what Michael Phelp's can do...but quickly it became more than that. It became Olympic history and a hell of an intense competition. Because of this guy...not liking that the French were talking smack about the U.S.©2008 NBC Universal. Jason Lezak.
Last night I was yelling at the TV screen, "pull it! pull it! make it happen!" and Jason Lezak did this incredible thing...he helped his team win the gold with the fastest split of all time, going an incredible :46.06 on the anchor leg of the men's 4 x 100 Free Relay!

Seriously, I get shivers just thinking about it. Shivers and smiles.

I'm really anxious to watch the gymnastics...the girls had some trouble qualifying. It was hard to watch, but then again, that is what it is all about too. The men were incredible. There are a number of "alternates" that weren't supposed to make the team(s) but are now substituting for injured athletes, they are there for the golden experience - and are making quite the statement.

Love love love the Olympics.

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