Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pool Party @ the Compound

We hosted a pool party today. And NO we didn't buy one of those plastic blow-up pools that seem to be all the rage with my friends (why yes, I AM jealous). We had a bunch (more than a dozen) robins enjoying the low spots on our driveway and the puddles left from the afternoon rain. They were so cute, splashing each other, getting soaked, enjoying the free swim. This little guy was my favorite. The one on the left. He was brave enough to go all the way under!

OK, so about those plastic pools... Let's vote - cool or white trash? Does the addition of Margaritas and/or Corona's up the cool potential? And what type of pool toys are truly appropriate for the over 40 crowd? I want everyone to weigh in on the subject... You know who you are. Heck, share pictures if you dare!

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