Sunday, October 26, 2008

Funny how sometimes procrastinating works.

I'll admit it. I'm a last minute kind of gal. You didn't know that? Well, I am. I "perform" better under pressure. Things just come to me last minute sometimes. I've had a swap on my list for almost 2 months - to make a mini-cookbook - and I agonized over it. You would think that if anything, I could get pretty excited about making a cookbook, wouldn't you? Well, not so. I think it is because I use recipes, but don't follow them. Sometimes my friends even accuse me of not writing down a recipe correctly - but that is just not true. The fact of the matter is that 95% of the time I don't follow the recipe, I just wing it. (Unless it is baking, and even then...)

It's a joke at the dinner table. The kids are always crabbing that I will never be able to make something they like again, because I never make anything the same way twice. We have "Susie Surprise" alot, which is a mish mash of what ever I can get my hands on...and they are disappointed because I will never be able to recreate it.

Anyhoo... I made this recipe book for a swap. Used all the recent recipes I've used, as they were intended. I gave a little intro for each recipe, where it came from, when I've made it, tips, etc... I liked the way it turned out. In the end I kept it simple, and it worked out for the best since it has to be in the mail this week and I am leaving for out of town. See, procrastination can work.

PS: Some of the recipes you can find here on the blog. Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cuban Pork Chops, and probably a few others if you look hard enough.

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