Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Pumpkin Time...

  • CRAVING: My mom's chewy pumpkin, raisin chocolate chip cookies. Ummmm yum.
  • MISSING: Trick or Treater's... no one will come down far enough down our street!
  • REMEMBERING: The incredible, intricate jack 'o lanterns my dad used to carve.
  • ANTICIPATING: Spending Halloween at my friend Karen's house, with her parents and their German cousin's who speak very very little English.
  • WONDERING: What my niece will be this Halloween. Surely she can't be any cuter than the monkey she was last year!?!
  • (RE)DISCOVERING: Peter Pumpkin Head (by the Crash Test Dummies)... a fav!

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  1. Please please please share your chewy pumpkin raisin chocolate chip cookie recipe :)

    I loved how your cookbook turned out! Looks great!


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