Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Visitor

Tonight we have a special 3 year old visitor with us at the Compound. She's keeping us busy AND entertained. She excited about her baby brother, Samson, coming in January. She knew exactly what the little toys I bought her were - though she doesn't personally own any "Pollyana Pockets". Pollyana's friend tried to hit on Buzz Lightyear as he ran around the house shouting "To Infinity and Beyond!" On her own she requested to watch Fantasia - not Jungle Book or Toy Story as we tried to persuade her. She's snuggled down after reading 2 stories - including Yertle the Turtle - with the "Lucy Dog" night light. The cats like her, she smells like cookies. Tomorrow we will go to a pet store and buy supplies for the soon to arrive puppy, go out to lunch and find a few other fun things to do. She'll return home to her Mom and Dad, even though she said she wanted to stay here "forever and ever."

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