Sunday, September 6, 2009

Amazing Food!

We have had some amazing food this weekend. It was what I wanted to do this weekend...nest & cook. Friday I made a copy of a pizza I had in Grand Rapids at Bistro Bella Vita that had goat cheese, gorganzola, roasted asparagus, wild mushrooms and topped with fried garlic oil. It was amazing!
I paired it with roasted shrimp cocktail (Barefood Contessa Recipe) with spicy mayo and bread crumbs. My own little version of happy hour for the hubs and I.

On Saturday we had a little impromptu get together, which allowed me to cook most of the day for some really great friends. I made my favorite white bean dip w/ toasted bread and veggies, BBQ Braised Country Spare Ribs with Mustard Beer Glaze (freakin' amazing!), garlic smashed red potatoes and oven roasted corn. Sorry no pics! We were too busy eating, chatting, laughing, and enjoying some really really good wine. I strongly suggest the Coppola Director's Cut Pinot Noir. The gang enjoyed a homemade blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. Pics would have been cool.... oh well.
Tonight the kids were here and we had Shabu Shabu. It's silly how excited they get over having it. I finally found World Market in Novi that carries the Shabu meat, at it was delicious. Even Alex, our picky eater, ate round after round. To honor the person that introduced this to me, we did a little fighting over the meat!
Not sure what is on the menu for tomorrow - but it will be something good, I'm sure. I still have brussell sprouts to roast, spinach salad makings, potatoes to bake, different peppers to play with and tons of fresh herbs in the garden. I love cooking this time of year.


  1. yeah!! Got fight for the meat:) Love seeing the same shabu pot in your kitchen! Your post makes me so hungry... time for our dinner!

  2. That pizza looks like the best pizza ever! I'm totally going to remember that combination of toppings. Perfect!


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