Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who Knew?

When I look back at these pictures I can honestly say that I must have known.
Fifteen years ago today.
I obviously knew.
We could...would... weather whatever came our way.

Although it was an evil plot by friends to connect us,
I'd say that everything turned out in our favor.
I think it was *sort of* love at first sight/night.

I remember thinking, "I'm not dating this guy - he's got FOUR kids!"
Little did I know that I would actually fall as hard for his kids as I did for him.

I was sooo nervous that when we got down the "aisle"
I immediately went to K and kissed him.
Evidence that we will always just do our own thing.

I'm sure we didn't say "for better or worse" specifically,
but that pretty much sums us up.
My favorite part of this picture is the little one looking up at/to us.

We toasted to becoming a family.
All I can say is...look at those curtains! ??

Seriously, I love this picture.
This is us in front of our non-wedding cake (way before non-cake weddings were cool).
It was made by my Aunt Barb and was one of my absolute favorite parts of the wedding.
Each tier was a silk covered box that contained individual desserts.
It was nothing short of amazing.

END NOTE: A not-so-well-known-fact about our wedding that isn't photo documented 
K planned most of the wedding.  Seriously.  I was crazy busy at work and he found/ordered/arranged most of the event.  That is why to this day I cannot plan a party without him.  Seriously.

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