Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I like to throw parties

If you know me, this is nothing new to you.  So when I was given the opportunity to host my niece Becky's baby shower I thought to myself, "Hot Damn! Let's do it."  And "do it" we did.  I'm going to post the pictures, but much of the credit goes to my family.  It truly was a family affair!

The theme is obvious.  The banners were a team effort.  We used plain old fabric from the fabric store and seam binding.   Owl mugs were from West Elm - but part of my everyday collection to be honest.

Food served:
Individual 7-layer dip with torilla strips, veggies and dips, antipasto skewers and individual mac and cheese cups (pictured below) and the best fig and goat cheese bruschetta (not pictured).

Wood stands were created from firewood in the backyard.  Candles were part of my general household "collection".  That cute white owl is a bank I've had for a while now. We used the favors as part of the decor.  Too lazy to wrap the car seat my Mom gave as a gift, I threw burlap over it and disguised it with a banner!

We had fruit cookie pizzas that were amazing.  Again we used things I had around the house as part of the decor (board is Ikea magnet board I recover again and again and frames I took a picture out of because it fit my vibe).  Blue ball jar is one of my all time favorites for flowers - year round.

Hand Stitched by Mom

Lastly, one of my favorite things was the "wise words" tree.  Each guest got a leaf on which to write wise words for Becky and/or baby.  It too became part of the decor as the party progressed, then she read them aloud.  Much better than a party game, IMHO.

We had the nicest time planning it, prepping, and having this party.  Isn't that what it is all about?  I like to throw parties because they make people happy.  I like to be around happy people.

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