Sunday, October 20, 2013

Saturdays in the kitchen

The weather yesterday was nasty. Rain showers + cold + very few rays of sunshine. We stayed in vs. going out. It was a taste test morning. K offered his services to try the apple butter. Apparently (who knew?) he is an apple butter aficionado, grew up with it. I'd made two versions and he strongly preferred the tradition, smooth, deeply spiced version vs. the chunky, buttery baked version. 

My friend Cheryl stopped by to catch up and I talked her into being a tester.  (Maybe this isn't going to be so tough after all?) She also liked the smoother one. I will continue to solicit opinions, but this might be the one we are going with. I think I will call it Kent's Classic Apple Butter.  

In case you were wondering, it's perfectly normal to eat apple butter and toast along with a beer at noon on a Saturday.  At least that what K claims. I know not everyone likes IPA's but if you do, K says this is an excellent beer. Plus look at that label. Is it ok to call a beer "cute"?

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