Sunday, November 10, 2013

Connect, embrace and dance.

Depression can be a bitch.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the last umpteenth years: when it happens – recognize it, address it, nurture yourself, understand what it is and who you are, accept it, tell your significant other what you are going through and most importantly don’t let it take over. 

I’m sitting here looking back through pictures taken last week.  A week that I thought was a tough/rough/bad week.  I realize that even though it was mentally tough for me for some reason, it was, indeed, a very good week.

I tried to connect with as many of my friends as I could (thank you Beth for the phone call, Wakako for the always inspiring video chats, Jenny for the awesome visit/catching up, and Lynn for the bacon jam making). It was a struggle for me to be honest, but it infinitely helped. 

I stayed out of the kitchen because for some reason dealing with food was really stressing me out. Burn out from the week before, perhaps?  It also helped for me to acknowledge the fact that putting loud music on and dancing is always cathartic.  It blows my mind that sometimes I forget this.

I expect next week will be easier. But if it’s not, I know that I’m capable of handling “it”.  Connect, embrace and dance, my friends. 


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  1. I've so been there, my friend. At times I really struggle with it. But I always come through on the other side. Hang in there and know I am always here for you!


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