Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crunch Time

Today was a full day. Another batch of apple butter was preserved. Shelves are being stocked.

I've started thinking about how people might want to create a gift - for themselves or someone else.

Another batch of bacon jam was made, and OH MY! This batch is different from the first batch. Much different. So now I'm going to need YOU to help me decide which is the winner. (Guess I'll have to ship a sample from this new batch to Cali.)

I was so excited to go out back and pick herbs to star in my savory shortbread adventure. Fresh rosemary and thyme starred in a parmesan shortbread. I'm thinking that the asiago, smoked black pepper is going to be mighty delicious as well.

I think I'm *almost* done creating new goodies. Tomorrow will bring one more new offering - herb and roasted garlic olives. Why? Because I want some (they are addictive), and I know people will love them. That's why. And that is why this new adventure is so crazy cool.

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