Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pop-Up = Success!

What an amazing week/day/night it was! The Pop-Up was a roaring success, thanks to so many wonderful, wonderful people. I am so lucky to be able to share what I love with my friends and family. The support everyone has given has been overwhelming.

My first customer was my dear friend Kristina. She's awesome. She basically liked all the wood bowls and wiped out the stock before anyone else and started a buying frenzy! There were no fights over the bacon jam, but I think a few elbows may be have been thrown around. People were making their piles and stashing them until they were ready to leave/check out. Crazy people, my friends!

Clearly the bacon jam was the winner of the night, followed closely by Obie's Olives. I'm pretty sure more olives would have sold but there was a limited quantity to be had. I'm thinking that is part of the charm of the Pop-Up...get it while and/or if you can.

I'm afraid I'm short on pictures (except the one above) because the night flew by and I never stopped to take any. I think that's a good sign of a great evening, being so immersed into the experience and the people to forgo technology and just enjoy the moment. 

Thank you to all that were there, for your enthusiasm and kind words. Thank you to all that were there in spirit (so many!) and the good luck texts and posts. I'm looking forward to the next Pop-Up (February) and possibly adding a (local) holiday gift offering.  Cheers!

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