Sunday, February 23, 2014

A family affair

A few of the siblings were able to gather on Saturday to celebrate my brother Steve's birthday. I love when we get together, we all give a little nod to my Mom on most of the food we have. Mark made a chipped beef dip, Lynn made "Bachle chili" and AuGres fudge(!). I made bread. Jill made an awesome banana cake, which I'm pretty sure is the flavor cake my Mom always made for him. It's nice to know that no matter what, she'll always be there with us when we get together.

Lynn gave Clara one of my Mom's necklaces. We talked a lot about Grammie.

Clara and Sam spent a ton of time decorating for Uncle Steve's party. The place was decked out with homemade hearts.

I also made "Kansas City Cornbread" (one of Mom's favorites) and cinnamon honey butter.

Jill made a delicious banana cake with just the right amount of frosting, nuts, was awesome.

Oh, and I was inspired by the tequila tasting at a friends the other night, I decided to give this to the birthday boy. An aged tequila which everyone says is really good, very smooth. He was kind to share.

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