Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quiet on the homefront

Not many stories to tell lately. I guess it's because life is just happening. That's good, right? These pictures reflect the casual, creative, carefree place I am letting myself be in right now. It feels right.

I've been pulling crafting bits out here and there creating things. I love the color combinations for Valentine's day.

This was my Mom's's this gorgeous robins egg blue with a simple silver rim. I have yet to use it. Shameful right? I know!! I'm working on remedying that soon. I'm thinking a spring brunch is in order, or maybe sooner!? I fell in love with these napkins.

I cannot get enough of the cardinals this winter. So many. So stark against the winter back drop. I almost always stop and watch for a few stolen seconds out the window.

Oh this dog. She is really something else. She went to daycare twice this week and is *finally* pooped out and resting. The weather is taking a toll on both of us and our exercise habits. 

Bella. She stalks me. I stalk her. It's our thing. 

I couldn't get enough of this bread.  It was the loaf that kept on giving. We ate it for Superbowl, then I shared leftovers with two friends, then I ate a piece toasted for breakfast (twice). We had toast again this morning and then shared the end of the loaf with the critters. Make this bread. You won't be sorry.

While playing with scraps of paper, I had a bit of a melt down. I really missed my Mom. I miss being able to talk to her, to craft with her, to tell her what I've been up to and to hear about things she's done/made/clipped/heard. Grief comes in waves. This was a little wave and I think they are getting smaller, longer in between. I'm not exactly sure that they will ever go away.

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