Friday, January 31, 2014


My idea of a good Friday was spending time in the kitchen in my apron with my camera close by.

I made a batch of dark chocolate, caramel and pretzel blondies. (Thanks CD for pinning this recipe!) 

I haven't cut into them yet, that will be tomorrow. Hopefully they'll make it until Sunday to be paired with some ice cream and maybe salted caramel sauce.

I'm trying to cook/bake this entire weekend (including Game Day) without buying any new ingredients. The cupboards are FULL and I need to use what I have. So it's time to get creative. These brownies fit my criteria, because I was able to use up partial bags full of caramel, pretzels and chocolate chips. Win. Win. Win.

The batter tasted amazing. I can only imagine how good the dark chocolate, caramel and salty pretzels all tucked in will taste! That's sea salt you see on the top, for just a little more ooomph.

I'll let you know how they are tomorrow. I think I'll sneak a taste with coffee in the morning.

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