Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CENTERED ... My word for 2015

CENTERED. I've actually been using this word for a while now. I'd focus on it when I went for a walk, while going through physical therapy, healing. I used it as a coping technique through the holidays and got along just fine.

I barely used my 2014 word, it never fit. STRENGTH. It never just popped to my mind (which a word should do). When it did there was a part of me that thought that if I was telling myself to be strong that I was actually weak. So I abandoned it and found my new word, which I am keeping.

I found the most amazing post titled "On Being Centered" that pretty much sums up how I feel about my word and goals for 2015. Pop on over and give it a read...I think you might find it interesting.

(NOTE: I found the article then did more research about the website. It's a medicinal mushroom company. Random. Click on "ABOUT" and check it out. I'm not endorsing anything - I just thought it was really weird and kinda interesting that this mushroom guy wrote this amazing article about being centered. Maybe it's just me...

I picked this picture because I think that this was one of the more centered parts in my last year. I was happy! I was giving and getting incredible amounts of love from this cat! I was healthy. I was enjoying everything about life. CENTERED.

Happy 2015.

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