Friday, August 1, 2008

Our bedroom *sigh*

Our room is the last room in the house to have any attention given to it. I wanted to paint it a different color (this color is the SAME color as we had in our old house...gag), but that never got done.

I'd been on a search for something to spice it up - to change it from the blue/brown, which by the way we had WAY before it became popular. Once something is popular and you see it everywhere - forget it, I want something new.

I love quilts and coverlets. Love love love them. I found this really cool quilt at Garnet Hill and luckily it was majorly on sale. I snatched it up quick! I really like it, the blue matches the wall, there is the brown and orange in there that I wanted. Now I need to get some accessories and make it a little more finished looking, dontcha think?

I like our night stands from IKEA, but they would look so much better with matching lamps. I bought the picture ledge a long time ago, but never found the perfect stuff to put up there. The print is something we bought a long time ago - a Charlie Harper print meant to be framed and put in the main bath...gee go figure, something not finished??

So I think I am off to find more bargains.
Here's what would make my day:
- Something cool to make a headboard out of
- A really cheap but comfy reading chair for the corner (even if I had to attempt to reupholster it!)
- Picture frames (and content) for the ledge
- Pillow cases that match the quilt better (on sale, of course)
- Killer rug
- Matching bedside lamps

I'll keep you updated. Any ideas or bargains you know of, let me know.

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